Youtube and Medicating: Love, Conspiracies & Compromise

One of the most sublime feelings of getting home after a long day of work, is finally being able to medicate. Whether it’s for the feeling of relaxation and taking away pain, getting your creative mojo flowing or just for the hell of it, there’s no better feeling of contentment.
After a little while, your feeling of contentment starts to feel a little lonely- not too lonely, but just enough to start looking at your ex’s text messages…again. This is the prime time to turn to your mind to something that’s actually stimulating (unlike your ex): Youtube.
Endless possibilities, choices, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, DYI tutorials, adorable kittens, cats that are complete jerks, cats in hats, cats in bags, and more cats await you on Youtube!
Youtube and Medicating go together like “peas and carrots, Jenny.” Take a couple hits of some good Indica, you’ll go on “How to Create the Perfect Munchie Snack” binge until you may or may not be MOTAvated enough to go try it out for yourself! Or you’ll take a different route entirely and end up watching “Gimme Pizza Slow” and deciding whether you just witnessed a mass demon possession or the funniest shit you’ve ever seen. Now snapping a bowl of Sativa, that will carry you the vast and ancient lands of “Kittens, Kittens and More Kittens!”. Not that that isn’t a magical journey or anything, but some may be driven mad by the end of the night… When you pack a bowl of a Hybrid and venture to the unhinged part of Youtube, there’s one thing you should know: Everything the light touches is yours, Simba. Oh, that dark shadowy place over there? You must never go over there, Simba; that’s where the Conspiracy Theories live, you must not even post a comment on these!
Youtube can, and perhaps will, become your One True Love after the second bowl, it’s going to be there for you: take you by your hand on your bad days and let you cry it out, it’s going to try and cheer you up with some recommendations, make you feel like, “yeah, I can totally do that!” (when most likely, you can’t), and let you decide your future.
In the end, your Youtube searches will come to a compromise with your level of high, just make sure to keep Youtube on a leash because it has known to take the innocent and create them into a conspiracy feign! Monsters!

Take a snap, load Youtube and bask in the glory of finding True Love…and finding the cutest cat Vine compilation.