The Plug Live! Your Canna Culture Connect!

We are starting the new year with a bang! Expect many changes and additions to TeleGram Collective including the sponsorship of a new Radio Show: The Plug! Stand by and be prepared! The first show will come to you this month! Visit The Plug Live! for notifications.

The Plug Live will be an upcoming one hour internet radio show airing weekly. The show aims to help people stay connected to the cannabis world with each show being devoted to various topics about medical and recreational marijuana. Current events around the world will be discussed in depth with analysis and commentary from your hosts as well as everyday citizens who choose to call in. U.S. legislative changes will also be followed and discussed intently as we look forward to seeing the cannabis industry become the next industrial revolution. It will also touch many corners of this complex and quickly thriving industry by inviting special guests with first hand experiences such as experts from the cannabis community as well as medical physicians, law enforcement, and horticulturist etc.

As mentioned before, listeners will be able to call in to give input, ask questions, or present topics they might want the hosts and special guests to discuss. Additionally, as another way to actively include their listeners and/or cannabis enthusiasts, The Plug Live will also have their own Plug Live Van hitting the streets of Los Angeles and surrounding areas for quick interactions, on street interviews, games and much more! Be sure to keep your eye out because they might just be in your area with goodies!

A few of the general topics that will be presented on the show are:

  • Past, Present, And Future of Cannabis
  • The Glass Art community
  • Cultivation of Medical Marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana Laws and How they Affect You
  • The Medicinal Value of Medical Marijuana

Be sure to Check out The Plug Live Website for notifications. You can also follow this Blog or Like and Follow The Plug Live on Facebook!