My First Time….

We’ve all been so high at one point or another where we do things we wouldn’t normally do.. For others, it’s a normal day in their lives. These are some high situations these stoners have gotten themselves into (via tumblr):

“My friend blazed in his car then fell asleep like he always does. Eventually a cop walked up to the window and told him to show him ID which in his stoned daze he handed him $5 and went back to sleep. So high.” 
 “One time me and my boyfriend so so high and then we tried to have sex.We got naked and just sat there laughing tl I dozed off.So high “
 “I was smoking with my friends one time and we were about an hour away from my house. I went to drive us home after we smoked and I had the GPS on but I started losing my shit because the street name on the GPS and the name on the street signs were different and I was losing it and ended up 4 hours away in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. 
So High. “
First time i got high i was in town and thought everyone was starring at me and knew i was high,i kept asking my friend whether she could tell and she said no but i didn’t buy it. i was really thirsty so decided to get a drink but i was too high and paranoid to talk to the lady at the cashier so went to a vending machine long story short i stood there pressing numbers over and over again because nothing was happening turns out it was out of order and i was there for 10 mins while someone was trying to tell me it was out of service…I was So High.
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