CBD on the Rise

More and more states are starting to realize the health benefits of CBD products.   Which Means more states are passing bills to legalize CBD oils and products.  CBD products easily available to the public is a wonderful thing, but a great disadvantage comes with this as well.  With the demand of CBD products and oils on the rise, the industry is becoming saturated with producers using deceptive marketing to increase their bottom line.  Try googling CBD oil, you’ll get over 5,000,000 results.  With so many options how those one know if you’re getting a safe and effective product?  One way is to check for the cannabidiol concentration percentage.  The higher the concentration, the more powerful its effects so the better the investment.  These days most companies sell their products long with lab results.  Or you can send the products to your local cannabis lab to be tested and decide if the percentage is to your liking. 


Beware of products that claim to cure everything.  There are a lot of articles out there that claim CBD miraculously can cure cancer, anxiety, and everything in between.    If you want my advice; beware of CBD products who claims sound too good to be true.  There is no doubt in my mind that CBD does have some health benefits.  With that being said, some companies are out here trying to sell us magic in a bottle. 


Cannabidiol has scientifically been proven to be anti-psychoactive, so it’s important to check the label before purchasing a CBD product.  Choose only those with no psychoactive effects. 


As long as you stick with non-psychoactive products there’s no risk of getting high from them. But again, beware of cheap products. Making a good CBD oil that retains only the beneficial compounds from hemp requires a certain technology, and that technology is costly.