5 Videos That Will Make You Question Who Else Might Smoke. Is it… your mom?

      In times like these, there are more people that smoke marijuana than you might think.
     In fact, a LOT more. Sons smoking weed with their moms, grandmas smoking weed with other grandmas, ex-cops smoking with other ex-cops, etc. the list goes on and on.
     Fortunately, there are videos of these people doing just that.
Check them out!
Mom smokes weed with her son for the first time:


Grandmas smoking weed with other grandmas: 


Ex-Cops smoking weed with other Ex-Cops:


Signs that your parents smoke weed:


Stoned Moms:


     There are countless videos of random people and random types of people getting stoned, either together or alone. But after watching these videos and among others, all I can say, is that we are not alone after all.