How does our delivery system work?

First, you must become a member of TeleGram Collective. To become a member, you must first be verified. To be verified, we will need you to provide TeleGram Collective with your valid California ID/License and your California Recommendation. Located on your paper Recommendation sheet, there is a 24-hour Verification website and phone number. We will need this information along with your patient ID number located on your recommendation sheet. This number may sometimes be your driver’s license number, a 16-digit number, or birthday. Once you have provided TeleGram Collective with this information, one of our volunteers will then verify you. Once you have been verified, you will have full access as a member to our collective. Once you have placed your order, one of our Volunteer Driver’s will be dispatched for delivery. Once our driver has arrived at the location, he will then need to enter your home. Once the driver has entered your home, he will then provide you with our Patient Agreement Package, at this time you will exchange your Valid California ID and your California Recommendation form with the driver. The driver will then scan your ID and REC and return them to you, once you have returned the signed agreement package. The driver will then exit your home and re-enter with the ordered medication. You, as the patient, will then verify that your order is correct and that the medication is to your standards. You will then exchange the donation with the driver and he will be on his way.