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A recent study published in the Journal of American Medicine has shows marijuana users are healthier than nonusers. This is exciting results for marijuana advocates. Along with the huge list of marijuana benefits listed below, marijuana actually helps to reduce weight. This might not make much sense at first. Appetite may develop after smoking pot, … Continue reading

CBD on the Rise

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More and more states are starting to realize the health benefits of CBD products.   Which Means more states are passing bills to legalize CBD oils and products.  CBD products easily available to the public is a wonderful thing, but a great disadvantage comes with this as well.  With the demand of CBD products and oils … Continue reading

US Supreme Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Colorado

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While marijuana advocates across the United States have been in a nail-biting frenzy ever since it was revealed that a lawsuit filed in the U.S. Supreme Court had the potential of shutting down the cannabis industry, the nation’s highest court announced on Monday it would dismiss a case submitted by Oklahoma and Nebraska suggesting that … Continue reading

Congressman Earl Blumenauer Calls for DEA Chief’s Removal

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Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) said Wednesday that acting Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg should be replaced after calling the notion of smoking marijuana for medical purposes a “joke.”  “Rosenberg is clearly not the right fit for the DEA in this administration,” Blumenauer said during a speech on the House floor Wednesday morning. The acting … Continue reading

FBI Report: Someone Is Arrested Every 51 Seconds for Marijuana Possession

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The success of cannabis legalization across the United States over the past several years has somewhat convinced the American public that the War on Weed is a dying animal. However, the latest national crimes statistics published earlier this week by the FBI reveal that law enforcement agencies are continuing to bust people for minor marijuana offenses at … Continue reading