California Tries To Ready For Recreational Marijuana On January 1st!

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The world’s biggest marijuana market will open for business in three months, as marijuana sales for residents 21 and older become legal in California. Voters passed Prop. 64 in November 2016 with the idea that issues regarding the law would be settled before Jan. 1, 2018. Jan. 1st is also the day state licenses will be issued for every … Continue reading

Marijuana firms in the dark when it comes to social media advertising

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(This is the first installment of a two-part series about the marijuana industry and advertising. Next week: Traditional advertising.) By Bart Schaneman Years after legal markets have come online, marijuana businesses are still at a loss when it comes to what’s considered acceptable advertising on social media. They’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, and absent any feedback … Continue reading


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A recent study published in the Journal of American Medicine has shows marijuana users are healthier than nonusers. This is exciting results for marijuana advocates. Along with the huge list of marijuana benefits listed below, marijuana actually helps to reduce weight. This might not make much sense at first. Appetite may develop after smoking pot, … Continue reading

CBD on the Rise

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More and more states are starting to realize the health benefits of CBD products.   Which Means more states are passing bills to legalize CBD oils and products.  CBD products easily available to the public is a wonderful thing, but a great disadvantage comes with this as well.  With the demand of CBD products and oils … Continue reading